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Pay per incident model + Software error

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Hey guys,

I was wondering what the process is for the scenario where a support ticket for DAX2012R3 has been raised under the PAYG model where the cause of the issue turns out to be a SW issue with the product itself. Will we get a refund for that particular case and if so, how will it be refunded? Full amount or will it be refunded as an incident to be used at a later time?

Thanks and hoping to get an answer to this!


  • Marcus-se Profile Picture
    Marcus-se on at
    RE: Pay per incident model + Software error

    Thank you everyone for the answers. You've all been very helpful and I appreciate it!

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Pay per incident model + Software error

    Hi Mark,

    If you run into a software glitch then MS will usually not charge you for the support ticket and give you a refund.

    To be absolutely sure, try to get into contact with the support agent to get this confirmed for your issue.

    Best regards,


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    Umesh Pandit Profile Picture
    Umesh Pandit 9,102 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Pay per incident model + Software error

    you would get refund with the help of TAM at Microsoft, mostly number of hours.

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    nmaenpaa Profile Picture
    nmaenpaa 101,148 on at
    RE: Pay per incident model + Software error

    Hi Marcus-se,

    your Microsoft Account Manager (who manages your support plan on MS side) might be able to give you the best answer.

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