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How to setup an Alternative Item Number

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I believe I'm doing this correct but have hit a wall.

We have a part we previously manufactured. Now we purchase this item and use it during assembly process. I click the original part number and on the "other tab" there is the option "Item Alternative". I select the drop down "Always", then enter "New Part Number", but when I get to configuration I go to "Main Table " by right clicking the mouse and then selecting it.  At this point, I put the item number in, and the name but I'm not sure what to put in the "configuration" box. Because of this, I keep getting the errors "Configuration must be filled in" and "Item xxxxxx is not configuration controlled". 

What data do I need to enter or use to put in the "Configuration" box? There are no references or any drop down menus so I'm stuck at this point. 

Is there a document out there that explains how to setup an alternative part number?

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    RE: How to setup an Alternative Item Number

    Thanks Steven. Yeah I was looking for a load of a single part to multiple BOMs. I was thinking, couldn't I use the same part number and simply change the item from a manufactured item to a purchased item within the existing part parameters. Then ensure I include all costing data. This seems like it could force the system to use the same part number it always has but now it would actually be the purchased part.

    Again, thanks for the help Steven.


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    RE: How to setup an Alternative Item Number

    Inventory Management - Periodic - Bills of Material - Change BOM Item

    That is the option as standard for the replacement of an item in a BOM.

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    RE: How to setup an Alternative Item Number

    Tim, thanks for the quick response. So if this 1 new part number will now be used in over 150 different BOMs, is there a method to quickly replace 1 item in a BOM instead of having to do 150+ individually? If so, then my next question is how? I've identified the BOMs by using the "Where used" option. Thanks, Tom.

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    RE: How to setup an Alternative Item Number

    Hi terod228, that Item alternative is only used on sales order lines. If you're using the part in an assembly process then I guess that you have a bill of material, so in that BoM you specify the new (purchased) item in place of the old (manufactured) item. Or if you haven't changed your item number, what you've actually changed is the default planned order type (used to be Production order, is now Purchase order).

    (The configuration on the alternate item number is only used when your alternate item has a configuration. In that case you need to specify both the item and the config).

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