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error while setting server report parameters.

Posted on by 2,427

Hi All,

I am getting following error while running reports.

error while setting server report parameters. error message: an error occurred within the report server database. this may be due to a connection failure, timeout or low disk condition within the database. (rsreportserverdatabaseerror) in ax 2012

Thanks in advance.

  • Suggested answer
    Dhillon Profile Picture
    Dhillon 215 on at
    RE: error while setting server report parameters.

    Please make sure you are able to browse to Report manager URL from the client machine (on which you are running AX reports). Also check your firewall setting and make sure it allows the communication between AX and SSRS. SSRS service account should be same as BC proxy account that you setup within AX.


  • Verified answer
    Brian Kinser Profile Picture
    Brian Kinser 815 on at
    RE: error while setting server report parameters.

    What happens when you go to system administration > setup > business intelligence > reporting services > report server ? can you copy / paste the url into your browser? Can you run reports from there? Also then log on to the actual SSRS environment and make sure services are  running and that you have enough free HDD and memory there.

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