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EnumIdTable and EnumValueTable

Posted on by 897

Hi guys,

What refresh/populate EnumValueTable and EnumIdTable ? Since these table is not access in AOT.

I found my table EnumValueTable is not really populated with all exiting Enums, even with Standard enums.

Take example in EnumIdTable, for StatusIssue ->


cannot find it in EnumValueTable ->


But this is not the case for Enum InventTransType ->



  • Alex VN Profile Picture
    Alex VN 1,987 on at
    RE: EnumIdTable and EnumValueTable

    Hi Tony,

    As explained the information only show for extensible enum so with standard table query we might not get full list of the enum. Instead I can suggest you to use X++ to get the list of available enum as below:

    Hope this helps.


    Anh Ong

  • Tony zhong Profile Picture
    Tony zhong 897 on at
    RE: EnumIdTable and EnumValueTable

    Hi Joris, thanks,

    Means to says, there is actually no table info-ing the complete enums with their value (and perhaps the label, at least with the standard language defined in parameters) ?

    I'm finding that the list of enums with all this information is important when we're doing "integration part" when F&O wants to be used with other platform.

    There is another table contain this enums list, SRSAnalysisEnums, but this table also has some condition, that only listed enums that being used in Aggregate Measurements.

    And then there is another last one, RetailEnumValueTable, but looking into the name, is there any other condition, lets say it must be used in Retails or I must activate Retails features ? I'm guessing at least we need to activate it since I just tried to do SystableBrowser for this table and having error saying I have no authorization.


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    Joris dG Profile Picture
    Joris dG 17,775 on at
    RE: EnumIdTable and EnumValueTable

    The only enums in the value table are extensible enums. This is because their value is not determined when you create the enum, but rather it depends on the environment (and so it has to be stored somewhere, which is the value table).

    Technically the F&O runtime creates the records. However, DB Sync starts part of the runtime and since it runs before the AOS comes back up, practically yes during db sync these values get created.

  • Tony zhong Profile Picture
    Tony zhong 897 on at
    RE: EnumIdTable and EnumValueTable


    Mean to say it is during Synchronization, right ? However I have synchronize it without error, also the example that I attached is standard Enums, I'm wondering why it does not have records for that Enum StatusIssue or StatusReceipt. I haven't take a look for all though, only happened to need this but cannot find it.

    May I know do you have this records in your DB ?


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    Suresh M. Parmar Profile Picture
    Suresh M. Parmar 340 on at
    RE: EnumIdTable and EnumValueTable

    Hello Tony,

    EnumValueTable, EnumIdTable is the standard table that contains enum information, when you add new enum and enum value at the time of database synchronization new changes will be reflected or added on those tables automatically.


    Suresh Parmar

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