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Form Customization in AX 2009

Posted on by 511

Hello guys,

I have form(ProdUpdateJour with 6 DataSource) with lookup field. Lookup field have 6 values(Base Enum).

If I choose each value in the lookup field, it fetches data from different data source and appears on the form.

Now, I have to combine all datasource and show the common field values on the form.

Primary field - ProdId

Common fields - ProdId, Status, UserId, Data& time.

I need to add 7th Base enum(All Status). If I choose "All Status", user want to see the joined records from different data source.

Kindly help me to achieve this scenario.


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    ergun sahin Profile Picture
    ergun sahin 8,812 Super User on at
    RE: Form Customization in AX 2009

    Of course it is possible, but you may not get the performance you want.

    You can combine all tables in a view or query and use this new object in lookup. (It is possible to do the same thing in code with query, but view will be easier)

    You can create a tmp table, Populate the temp table with the common data. You can use tmp table in lookup(Depending on the size of the data, this option may be very slow. I would also recommend using insert_Recordset)

  • Vignesh R Profile Picture
    Vignesh R 511 on at
    RE: Form Customization in AX 2009

    Each lookup values are refers to each data source in the form.

    Relation : 1:n

    Main Table : ProdTable

    Sub Tables : ProdParmCostEstimation, ProdParmScheduling, ProdParmStartUp, ProdParmReportFinished, ProdParmHistoricalCost, ProdParmStatusDecrease

    I want to include a new lookup value "All"(7th lookup value).Whenever, I choose "All" lookup value.  It should appear all common record from all data source in the form.

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    ergun sahin Profile Picture
    ergun sahin 8,812 Super User on at
    RE: Form Customization in AX 2009

    You already have lookup codes for the other 6 values. It sounds like you could solve the problem if you copied one of them. But we can't say for sure without seeing the codes. Can you share the codes with us?

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