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ClickDimensions - Interactions and Unique Opens

Posted on by 111

Hi everyone,

I've got some problem to understand the difference between this 2 measures.


I read on clickdimensions article that Interactions are The number of people who opened and/or clicked on the email at least once. [Sent Emails(opens>0 OR clicks>0)].

Unique Opens are the number of people who have opened the email at least once. [Sent Emails (opens>0)] Opens here do NOT include inferred opens. Inferred opens are added when the recipient does not download images (including the tracking pixel), but they do click or unsubscribe. In this case, the recipient must download the images.

So, according with these instructions, I expected to find into Email Sent View 2 emails with click > 0 and open = 0.

But the view, with these filters applied, is empty.

Can someone help me PLEASE?

Thanks in advance.

Silvia Innamorati

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    RE: ClickDimensions - Interactions and Unique Opens

    Hi Silvia Innamorati,

    Email Opened actually means that  a 1x1 pixel image which is stored in the Marketing Server is loaded. Email Click records the link clicked in the email.

    So when you click the links in the email, the email is already recorded as opened. This is why you get 0 result.


    Glossary of common insights terms (Dynamics 365 Marketing) | Microsoft Docs

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