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ENUMS in PowerBI

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We expose our D365 F&O Data to Azure Data Lake, which is used as datasource for PowerBI-Reporting. As we know AX (F&O) has a datatype ENUM where the enumerations are stored as integer values in the database. In F&O application these ENUMs are implicitly displayed with a userfriendly label (user language depending). What is the best way to implement the ENUM-Label/-Labeltranslation in a PowerBI-Report, which is based on Azure Data Lake? 
BTW: I now there is a table SRSEnumValueTable (or something like this) inherited from earlier AX-Versions, where we had this inbuild OLAP-Cubes, but this table does not include all required Enums.
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    Anthony Blake 756 on at
    ENUMS in PowerBI
    I've only ever been able to solve this with a custom export or table.
    Take a look at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.MetadataSupport::EnumNames(), you can use it to iterate through all the Enum names and dump their metadata into a table for export to the DataLake, or just spit out a CSV depending on how often your enums actually change. 
    You can then use SysDictEnum to lookup Enum item Names and Values.
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    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    ENUMS in PowerBI
    If you want to implement something similar to FO in PowerBI, the ENUMs are implicitly displayed with a userfriendly label (user language depending), you might consider creating a mapping table: you can match the enumerated values to user-friendly tags, which allows for conversion between numeric values and tags.
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