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Customise Navigation bar in forms

Posted on by 70

Hi All,

Where can I find the option to customize navigation bar in a form. Not the overarching bar but the navigation bar where most buttons exist. (see image below)


apologies for the blurry image.


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    meelamri Profile Picture
    meelamri 13,198 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Customise Navigation bar in forms


    Please refer to the documentation:

    Also, you can use the RibbonWorkbench tool which allows you to easily manipulate the rubbon with a rather intuitive graphical interface.

    It is not a good idea to change the behavior of a standard button. It is better to hide it and create a new button that implements your new logic.

    Please refer to this blog, it explains how to add a new button which will execute a JavaScript function:

    Then, you can implement your JS code to open a form if you want. In this case, you will to pass the executionContext to get your record ID:

    Good Luck !

  • empath-e CRM Profile Picture
    empath-e CRM 1,134 on at
    RE: Customise Navigation bar in forms

    Have you looked at using the Ribbon Workbench

  • J_C Profile Picture
    J_C 70 on at
    RE: Customise Navigation bar in forms

    Specifically, I want to change a navigation link associated with the button "Distribute campaign activity".

    Currently, the button will navigate to an old form that I want to replace with my new one.

  • Ashish Pokhriyal Profile Picture
    Ashish Pokhriyal 25 on at
    RE: Customise Navigation bar in forms

    What kind of customization do you want

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