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Do´s and Dont´s of managing Dynamics Nav in a domain

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Posted on by UG Leader

Hi All,

          Thanks for your assist on this and thanks for taking the time to help. I recently or about to start a job as a SDM and one the bread and butter applications of the company is Microsoft Dynamics NAV...Please can someone assists with the do and dont´s of managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for domain users,...Tips and tricks, advice,How2do´s, Links,the know how´s on how to administer Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be appreciated...

Thnaks Guys and you are appreciated for your help

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    Alexander Ermakov Profile Picture
    Alexander Ermakov 28,088 on at
    RE: Do´s and Dont´s of managing Dynamics Nav in a domain

    If you want to benefit from Office 365 and other Microsoft Azure services integration, plan correct Single Sign-On setups

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    Stefano Demiliani Profile Picture
    Stefano Demiliani 37,152 on at
    RE: Do´s and Dont´s of managing Dynamics Nav in a domain

    Not so clear question but:

    1) Set NAV service to use Windows Authentication

    2) Add your domain users to User table in NAV with the appropriate role

    If you want you can also assign permissions to AD groups and use them. Just add your N users to the right AD Group. Then in NAV you can add your users (without permissions) and your AD group (with the right permission sets).

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