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Customer Insights - Environment to Environment Export/Import

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1.) If we have 3 environments created within Customer Insights - are we able to export all of the data from Environment A and Import into Environment B?

Say for examploe creating a DEV, Pre-PROD and PROD environments within one Customer Insights.

2.) Are we able to export all the data (unified profiles, segments, measures etc.) from one Customer Insights to another Customer Insights in another tenant?

  • Utkarsha R Profile Picture
    Utkarsha R 10 on at
    RE: Customer Insights - Environment to Environment Export/Import

    How to do it without swagger?

  • Nimrod Magen Profile Picture
    Nimrod Magen on at
    RE: Customer Insights - Environment to Environment Export/Import


    My name is Nimrod and I am one of the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights PMs.

    Will try to help with the questions above:

    As for (1), we have an option in our product of copying all the configurations you have made in one environment to another environment. You can do that from within the UI. Please follow the steps below or follow this video:

    - First, click the settings icon on the upper right corner of the app.

    - Then, once the Settings panel shows up, please click the "New environment" option.

    - Lastly, once the new environment component shows up, choose the "Copy instance" option from the drop down menu.

    - Copying your instance will result in a new environment with the same configurations as in the original one. Note that it may take some time and also that you will need to provide your credentials in each of the data sources you brought into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (within the new copied environment, use the "Data Sources" page for that goal).

    As for (2), while we don't support copying configurations between tenants on the UI, you can use our APIs to achieve that as explained in detail in this video:

    Hope that helps and thanks in advance.



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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Customer Insights - Environment to Environment Export/Import

    Hi C2020,

    You are able to do this via the CI API layer. 

    You essentially get the environment configuration from one environment and then post it to your target environment.

    The API information is available from the Export Destinations > API block.

    It would offer a word of caution before doing this because if you do it multiple times, some legacy config may remain and you could end up overlaying configurations which messes up the system processes.

    Perhaps you can reach out to to the CI Help team to get some assistance.

    Kind regards,


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