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Releasing the Sales Quote created through Contact.

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The attached snap is a Sale Quote created against a Contact, the same has been sent for approval. When the approver tries to approve the quote the above shown window appears asking to create customer.
If we click No and proceed, the quote gets stucked in the Pending Approval Status and no one can release the Quote.
Even the Sender can't cancel the approval request and get back the quote into the Open Status, the SQ gets hanged in the Pending Approval Status.
As per the Business need, we have a contact in BC and need to share a quote a to the contact. The quote is created and shared for internal approval before sharing to the contact.
Once the quote is approved internally the same will be shared to the contact and if the contact approves the quote, then he will be converted to customer and the quote will be converted to order. Until that the contact remains as contact.