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Is anyone using Omnichannel voice?

Posted on by 38
I just wanted to know if there are actually any organisations who have been using Omnichannel voice live in production?
I've run into a number of bugs currently waiting Microsoft Support that indicate this system is still not ready.
1) Unable to transfer calls to Teams (it rings then the call ends) - means we can't transfer internally/to non-Omnichannel users in our organisation
2) Status does not stay in Do not disturb after a call ends, when it's meant to wait for wrap up to be completed - means agents keep getting calls when they are not ready.
3) Calls received from a business phone number do not auto-load the contact (only mobile phone auto-loads) - makes for an inconsistent/inefficient agent and customer experience.
We also had two different instances (lasting a week) where calls would just not pop at all. Microsoft told us it was due to some backend work, which they weren't aware of the impact.
Prior to these unnotified outages, we also experienced periods of 2 minutes or longer before a call popped for an agent.
Also does anyone have any contacts who can provide better than standard support for this solution? Even our premium partner is struggling.
  • Ward010 Profile Picture
    Ward010 65 on at
    Is anyone using Omnichannel voice?
    We are currently using Microsoft Omnichannel Voice. 

    In general it is working fine but we also experience some hickups & performance issues in the system. 
    But quite some of your mentioned points we do not experience:
    1) Transferring a call to an MS teams has been tested and performed quite a while. The calls are retrieved by the Teams user and can be forwarded in our tenant.
    2) We have configured a wrap up of 2 minutes in the workstreams. If the user keeps a conversation open your status will be DND for 2 minutes. When you decide to close a conversation before 2 minutes have passed of course your status will not remain DND as closing the conversation mean you have finished work.
    3) We got some guidance from Microsoft to include multiple phone number fields in the matching (through a bot) so that also our custom fields are being searched. Probably best to get in touch with Microsoft for this.
    4) We did not experience issues with calls not popping up (yet). But we did experience issues with bots not being triggered and calls being stuck in the bot.
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    mattheba 38 on at
    Is anyone using Omnichannel voice?
    Hi Rudy,
    We are not using any customization, so I am unclear what you are referring to. Please provide an example of where you feel we have used customization.
    Our environment is setup completely out of the box, using only configuration in the Custom Service admin center and zero code.
  • RudyZhang Profile Picture
    RudyZhang Microsoft Employee on at
    Is anyone using Omnichannel voice?
    If you have already contacted Microsoft Technical Support, we recommend that you wait patiently for a response from Microsoft.
    We have analyzed your issue as it relates to Teams integration with Omnichannel voice, which involves a lot of customization and there is a limit to what we can do.
    Here is some information we have gathered to help you.
    I hope my answer is helpful to you! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Best Regards,
    Rudy Zhang

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