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Send to email (PDF) Exchange log On

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Hello, we upgraded GP to the latest version, and we  use Office 365 64bit
so I changed the server type to Exchange, and I'm aware the MFA is a problem, but I tested adding the credentials with an account with no MFA, and the log on fails.
anything I should be looking at?
and how can I make it work for the accounts with MFA?
thank you
  • BJ-09051414-0 Profile Picture
    BJ-09051414-0 145 on at
    Send to email (PDF) Exchange log On
    Hey Virgilo,

    I hope you are well!

    Let's see if I can provide the information, you are looking for as the change has been difficult for some to get email working.
    1. First, the article below is like the bible for emailing out of GP. Start by reviewing this. It used to be constantly updated. I am not sure if it is anymore though.
    Dynamics GP Email Troubleshooting Guide - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn
      1. Some points to keep in mind.
      2. Must be on GP 18.3 or later.
      3. Must have TLS 1.2 enabled. It will not work with TLS 1.0.
      4. Must have an application id from azure.
    1. Emailing now requires an Application ID from Azure. See the article below. Your exchange login will not work without this in GP. This is the most common cause of this message on new version of GP.
      1. Be sure the correct option was selected when creating the Application ID as the article states.
    Multi-Factor Authentication - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn
    1. Review the article below regarding office 365. This could be the issue as well.
    Dynamics GP Exchange Email Not Working after Moving to Office 365 - Crestwood Associates
    1. If you still have issues, you will want to capture a Fiddler Trace to see what is stopping it from connecting.
      1. Download Classic Fiddler from the web: Download Fiddler Web Debugging Tool for Free by Telerik
      2. Open Fiddler, In Tools->Fiddler Options->HTTPS, check “Decrypt HTTPS traffic”.
      3. Click “Yes” on the prompt for trust Fiddler Root Certificate.
      4. Click “Yes” to install the certificate.
      5. Click “Yes” to confirm.
      6. Click “OK” and “OK” to back.
      7. Reproduce the issue
      8. Stop Fiddler Trace: File->Capture Traffic F12, Save trace: File->Save>All Sessions. Save the trace out as .saz file
      9. This will usually point you to the problem.
    If the above does not help, I would suggest reaching out to Microsoft for further assistance. Please provide the fiddler trace to them as it will likely be requested to give more insight on what is happening when GP attempts to reach out to exchange.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Thank you!
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    Lucas Miller Profile Picture
    Lucas Miller on at
    Send to email (PDF) Exchange log On
    Unless you have an on-premise Exchange Server in your environment then Basic Authentication is no longer a valid method to logging in.  The legacy Exchange Log On window you see in GP requires Basic Authentication.  You'll never be able to get past that login window successfully if you're using Exchange Online/O365.  This is where the Modern Authentication option in Dynamics GP comes in.
    Also, the Send As functionality when you print a GP report to screen is also considered legacy, so it was never converted to use Modern Auth.  That is why you're still seeing the Exchange Log On window there.  The workaround is to use the Email button in the Action Pane of the report option window you're printing the report from.  That will allow you to log in with Modern Auth and send the email.
    Finally, having MFA enabled on an account is really just a feature/option of Modern Authentication.  It is not required, but is really just a preference for your company's security needs/requirements.
  • Virgilio Profile Picture
    Virgilio 4 on at
    Send to email (PDF) Exchange log On
    thanks for the answer Judy, however i'm still unable to send emails with an account where no MFA has been enabled.
    for some reason he password fails
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    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    Send to email (PDF) Exchange log On
    Hi, the following blog from David had mentioned that Microsoft Dynamics GP has added support for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to the emailing functionality inside Dynamics GP to allow it to connect to Microsoft Exchange with GP developer Tools: 

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