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Import or Integrate VENDOR / CUSTOMER EFT data

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Posted on by 22,645

So, I know what table in SQL to look at - I know where to find the field import for the EFT fields, SY06000

My issue / question, has someone built an excel template that has all the fields needed for a table import of Vendor and or Customer EFT Data?

I think I know what I have to do, but I was reaching out to see if someone has the solution already created - I just dont want to spend the next 4 hours creating the table import - that almost never works the first time.

So, come on community - i can not be the first one to need to import 4,000 EFT records into the system.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  • Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: Import or Integrate VENDOR / CUSTOMER EFT data

    Thanks Cheryl, this is a great help and answered two more question - EFT Bank Type and EFT Account Type - well done

  • Verified answer
    RE: Import or Integrate VENDOR / CUSTOMER EFT data

    Hello Bill,

    You have to look up what the required fields are in the SY06000 company table (Address Electronic Funds Transfer Master) in the SDK and be sure to populate those fields on your table import.  The required fields are shown below.  Review the SY06000 table first in SQL to see how the banking information is filled in on a vendor that is currently setup up.  This will help you to design the table import.    The required fields in this table to populate are:

    Series                         (4=PM, 3=RM)

    Customer/VendorID  (Vendor or customer ID)

    Address Code           (address ID on vendor like PRIMARY)

    Vendor ID                  (or 'Customer Number' line if using RM, same value as in Customer/VendorID above)

    EFT Bank Type           ( '31' if using 'United States' in bank/country region, 30 for Canada)

    Bank Name                (not used, but required, so can put anything, even just 'BANK')

    EFT Bank Account      (Payee's bank account)

    EFT Transit Routing number  (Payee's 9 digit bank routing number)

    EFT Transfer Method   (1- 'not specified')

    EFT Account type        (1-checking, 2-savings...)

    I'd fill in one first, and test it.  If it works, then proceed.

    Hope that helps.


    Cheryl Waswick

    Microsoft Support

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