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ARHist Sales not updating

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New to an SL client running 2015CU3.  The ARHist table does not seem to be updating the Sales columns for the past 2 years and, as a result, the A/R Integrity report is always filled with errors. 

Two questions:

1. Is there a way to get it to start updating again?

2. Is there a way to get it to recalculate and repopulate the previous columns in the table

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    tjb22030 15 on at
    RE: ARHist Sales not updating

    This didn't change anything.  The AR Integrity check does NOT recalc the AR Hist from AR Doc.  What might be stopping that?  Maybe the two are related.

    When they post invoices, they do it through Flexible Billings if that matters to the update procedure that runs.  

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: ARHist Sales not updating

    I ran into a similar issue years ago and resolved it by running the Sync Ownership and Security process. It may be a permission issue on a stored procedure.

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    tjb22030 15 on at
    RE: ARHist Sales not updating

    No errors, AR is done within SL (not imported).  They run AR Integrity every month with no changes to this issue.  Apparently this has been going on since the 2015CU3 upgrade.  I am finding it now as we prepare for the 2018 CU3 upgrade.

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    CFROTON 4,710 on at
    RE: ARHist Sales not updating


    It should update Sales in ARhist as you release an invoice batch in AR Invoice.  You don't get any error?

    Do you manually enter transactions or is there some other program that imports them in?

    The AR integrity check should fix the table. If you are getting errors you might consider opening up a case with Microsoft support for the issue.

    I do see my arhist table is updated in cu3 with sales for the current fiscal year/period. So i don't see there is any bug reported related to the issue. Are you selecting for all companies or in a single company?

    Best Regards,

    Jana MacDonald

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