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The server has terminated the session, the client will now close

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Has anyone seen this issue?  Our users have been experiencing the following - they would be logged into the terminal server and after roughly 10 - 15 minutes the our AOS01 would kill their session and they get the error message that reads "The server has terminated the session, the client will now close."

Our VAR has completed a kernel update but that has not fixed it.  Recently I posted a question regarding corrupted AUC files and a user recently pointed me to this post:

Could the fact that our users have been clearing their cache (deleting the cache and auc files) have anything to do with the server killing client sessions?

Running AX2012 R2; two AOSs; load balance on our two terminal servers - it seems that anyone connected to AOS01 is having the issue.

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    RE: The server has terminated the session, the client will now close

    We touched base with our VAR as well as MS, the following is the issue and solution:

    A few weeks prior to this issue our SAN's controller bombed out and we needed to get some virtual machines off of that SAN and move them over to the virtual host which is hosting our AX cluster.  One of those VMs just so happen to be a domain controller.  

    After about a week or two of SQL (which is a VM) getting it's time from a VM on the same host the time was roughly 4 minutes off.

    Users logging into the client via the terminal server would submit a request and sql would think it's timeout has exceeded and the AOS would terminate the server session.

    The solution was to have the DC get it's time from a physical server due to the way the VMS handle time.

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    RE: The server has terminated the session, the client will now close

    Hi Rumberger

    Check these useful post:

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