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Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

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Posted on by 300

 Has anyone any sample of a custom cti (plug-in, toolbar, etc ...) that integrates cti funtionality (popups, make calls, transfer calls, etc ...) into Microsoft Dynamics CRM? I am new at Microsoft CRM so I do not know how to start ...

 Thanks in advance

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    RahulMishra Profile Picture
    RahulMishra 49 on at
    Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

    Hi Gregorio Belinchon, 


    Smart Connector from NovelVox is just the right option for you. It brings the telephony feature to your Dynamics CRM and enables all the necessary features like Screen pop and click to dial. You can also customize the connector to suit your specific needs, thanks to the third-party integration capabilities. 

    You can learn more about Smart Connector from NovelVox here:

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    pravingodbole Profile Picture
    pravingodbole 125 on at
    RE: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

    Hi, we have done integration between crm 2015 & c-zentrix CTI , and it is smooth, we just need to create on html page and add client bar taf in iframe in html page. there is client script on html page, when user click on call button fetch call html web resource and call function ob button click. rest think will done by cti.

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM


    Just in case you are still in the market for a CTI solution, I would like to recommend checking out Tenfold. Tenfold offer features such as click to dial, automatic call logging, easy note taking and task creation, screen pops on inbound and outbound calls, new lead/contact creation when no matching records, support for cases/opportunities and advanced analytics. Below is a list of integrations they have with MS Dynamics

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    Michael Pallett Profile Picture
    Michael Pallett 25 on at
    RE: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

    Hi Gregorio,

    My name is Michael Pallett and I work for a company called SYNETY. We are partners and provide CTI for several CRM providers and one of our biggest is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. we provide functions such as;


    Call recording

    Automation call noting

    Voice mail dropping

    Full reporting suite and portal access

     and many more features. we have an office in the UK and also in Boston USA so our reach in regards to call quality and stability is very high and we have customers as far as Singapore. I would love to speak about this more to see if we can fit your needs or alternatively sign up for your FREE 14 Day free trial at


    Best regards

    Michael Pallett

    Inside Sales Executive | SYNETY  

    T: +44 (0) 330 335 0000

    D: +44 (0) 116 424 4222



  • Chrisotoole Profile Picture
    Chrisotoole 60 on at
    RE: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

    Checkout CloudCall Click for Microsoft Dynamics from SYNETY. Enables click to dial and call recording all directly from within CRM.

    Works with any phone system whether its analogue or the latest VoIP solution, no additional hardware or software needed

    For a free 14 day trial with £10 of call credit click this ink

  • Re: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

    There is a new tool developed by Lambert Consulting:

    It works for lync/TAPI and the CRM 2011

  • yassin sayed Profile Picture
    yassin sayed 85 on at
    Re: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

    hi Baris KANLICA

    i really in need of ur help i have CRM 4 in my company and we r using nortel telephone and i need to connect them , i do instal tapi and i can get the pop up on the server but i dont now where to start to make this pop up open or call the crm or integrated with


     if u did that is to great man


  • mgvardhan Profile Picture
    mgvardhan 945 on at
    Re: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM


    Thank u.

    Iam in need of that.

    Can u please forward it to me.


    thanks in advance

  • Baris KANLICA Profile Picture
    Baris KANLICA UG Leader on at
    Re: Custom CTI for Microsoft CRM

    ohh this is problem. I know cisco and it's working different from Nortel. So my code good for nothing. Dynamics CRM is a web application so you can use all activex and dlls.

    I think you must make a web page and include this web page in CRM. (it would be php,asp,jsp what you want, because crm a web application so you can connect and talk it all of other web technologies with passing parameter, web services or xml)

    You can find detail information (how is change isv.config file,sitemap,how is pass paramater to another page, how is adding a page in CRM) in Dynamics CRM SDK. You can download it on this link:

    Baris KANLICA
    Software Specialist and Consultant

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