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Item Coverage Setup

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In AX2009 SP1, I have found that futures days calculations for production items do not calculate in the same way as when actual scheduling is performed, unless the Item Details, Setup, Item Coverage, Lead Time Tab, Production - Working Days check box is enabled.  Generally, it is not necessary to use an item coverage setup unless it differs from the default used in the coverage group.  I do not find the Production, Working Days enable option in the Coverage Group setup dialog box.  Is there a way to set this for all items without using the Item Coverage record?



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    GeorgeC 1,865 on at
    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Item Coverage Setup

    I don't have a decent environment to test real production setting right now but I had a look at the available options. You should be able to use the Working days checkbox on the Defaul order settings for each item: 

    Default order settings (for the item) > Inventory tab > Other group > Working days field

    You can give it a try, see if it works. But it doesn't save you a lot of time, it must be done for each item (or you need a batch job to update all records in the table).

    I wasn't able to find a single parameter to control this function for all items.


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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Item Coverage Setup

    The planning parameters have the correct calendar set and there are 0 safety days  on the coverage group.  The default order settings do not have the working days checked because the lead time is 0.

  • Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Item Coverage Setup

    Hi LJ

    In your master planning parameters, what is the setting you have on the general tab for working days and todays date calendar?

    Likewise the coverage group on the item (or parameters if nothing is on the item) what is the setting of the safety days?

    On the derfault order settings (setup on item) is there marked in working days here?



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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    Re: Re: Re: Re: Item Coverage Setup

    For example, when we schedule a manufacturing job that has six levels of component jobs that will each take a day.  The manufacturing schedule, using the calendars on the work centers, will schedule jobs on Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs and then the following Monday and Tues, (I'll call that day the 6th).  Now when the master planning system runs, it checks the progress of all of the raw materials and the jobs that are in progress.  During this check, the planning system will only use the work schedule calendar if the working days check box is set on the Item Coverage table.  If it is not checked, the system expects work to be performed on the job on Friday, and will set 3 futures day on the Monday and Tues components.  The job is then flagged as delayed by three days, (futures date of the 9th) when in actuality it can be completed on schedule. 


  • Re: Re: Re: Item Coverage Setup

    Hi Lispyj

     I am not sure exactly what you mean, but when calculating the manufactoring time, it uses the route setup and the calendar from the operation to schedule the production time. the added days is can you identify, where they come from. Is it safety margin or when you look at the capacity planned jobs, is it a particular operation?


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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    Re: Re: Item Coverage Setup

    I don't actually want to setup lead times for produced items.  The planning system does all that we need. I need to have the system use the working time calendar when calculating futures dates for existing production orders.  Here is my situation.  Our working time calendar is Monday - Thurs.  When the working days check box in the item coverage form is not checked, the system will add futures days for the days that production is closed.  The actual production schedule skips Friday, Saturday and Sunday correctly, but when the master planner looks at the order, it adds 3 futures days.  Sales sets delivery dates for new sales orders based upon the futures date of production orders.  This prevents them from over promising if production will be delayed, but they get frustrated when master planning adds extra days.  For a long running production order, those days add up. I am looking for a way to avoid creating the Item Coverage record for all bom items.

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    GeorgeC 1,865 on at
    Re: Item Coverage Setup


    Where do you set up the lead times? You can enable the working days functionality in several places:

    If you use Safety margins, you can enable it in Master planning > Setup > Parameters > General tab > Safety margins group > Working days field.

    If you use Inventory lead time per item, you can enable it in Default order settings (for the item) > Inventory tab > Other group > Working days field. You can also override it on the Site specific order setting form. Of course, you will have to do this for each item, I am not sure if it can be enabled by default.

    For purchase orders, you can set up lead times on Trade agreements and the form has a checkbox Working times.

    Let me know if that helps.



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