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Bulk upload contacts with fuzzy match to organisation

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Is it possible to do a bulk upload of contacts with a fuzzy/ approximate match to the organisation?
For example;
I have 10 contacts in an excel file csv/xls with first name, key name, job title & email address. I also have the organisation they work for but as it is free text it can vary as below;
Name in Dynamics - Tesco
Name client has filled in as organisation - tesco , teco, Tesco PLC, Tesco store northside (etc)
I have tried to bulk upload a single contact with the organisation mapped to 'Teco' but as its not an exact lookup match it throws up an error message and fails. Is there anyway of having it fuzzy match to organisation?
Or any fast work-arounds for this? Current process is either fuzzy lookup within excel to then exact match organisation before importing. Or importing without organisation and manually linking. Both of which take a considerable amount of time.
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    Leah Ju on at
    Bulk upload contacts with fuzzy match to organisation
    Hi Partner,
    The organization column you mention is a record on another table in dynamics, the lookup column on contacts, right?
    When mapping fields through the Import Data Wizard, exact match fields are used.
    If you want to use fuzzy matches to map fields, perhaps try using the following tool:
    I hope you can mark my answer verified if it answer your question! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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