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What integration method I can use to pass data from D365FO to an external API?

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Hi seniors,

I have successfully tested an external API in Postman using Post method and I gave some dummy data into the body of the request but now I want to integrate D365FO with that API. I actually pass few invoices and it get verified from a third party. Now, I want to pass the real invoice of D365FO. I have to pass an invoice with multiple invoice lines. So, I want to ask what is the best integration method to achieve this? 

What I have tried is that I have created a .NET project and in that I have used list to cater this but I am unable to pass list as a parameter from D365FO to this method which is in .NET. Can anyone please let me know how can I achieve this like what should I use either custom service, external web service or anything else?

I will be really grateful to you for your cooperation. 

Thanks in advance.

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    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    What integration method I can use to pass data from D365FO to an external API?
    You can use the external web service, I found this official document for you: Consume external web services - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn. It describes some steps on how to consume an external StockQuote service from X++. If the external API is a web service, you can use the external web service functionality in D365FO to invoke that API. Depending on the requirements of the external API, you can set the appropriate parameters and use the HTTP request to send the data to that API.
    Best regards,
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    Martin Dráb 225,783 Super User on at
    What integration method I can use to pass data from D365FO to an external API?
    You told us almost nothing about your requirements, so it's impossible to say which of possible solutions is the best for you.
    You should thing about thinks like how quickly you need the response, what should happen if the other system doesn't respond in a certain time frame, whether the API is reachable from internet, how many requests do you expect and so on.
    A custom service won't help you - that's used for requests to F&O, while you want the other direction.

    An external web service is what you already have. You mentioned you have an Application Programming Interface (API), but the other details (POST method, Postman) reveal what kind of API is it - a web service.
    One option is making a request directly via .NET APIs, as you attempted. We already discussed the problem of the list in How to pass List from X++ to C# using DLL with passing method?. If you want to continue the discussion, simply reply there.
    Another possible solution is using business events. For example, you may want put the business event to a message queue to implement reliable asynchronous communication and having a flow, an Azure function or something processing the queue and making requests to the other system.

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