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Retail discount setup for Sales orders

Posted on by 79

Hi everybody,

I am facing a problem since 3 weeks now and I cannot find a solution. I have managed to make it work 2 months ago and now it doesn't work anymore. By the way it was a test case and now it is deleted.

My problem:

I want to create discounts in the retail module in AX and apply the discount to price groups which are assigned to a customer account. For example:

  • I have created a price group "CAT-Price" and assigned it to an customer account in AX on the Sales order default\Discount\Price.
  • For some customers there will be a discount on all items in the CAT-Price price group. In my case the customer gets an discount of 30 %.
  • So I opened the retail module \Common\Pricing and discounts\Discounts.
  • I created the discount with 30 %, added the whole product category to the lines and set the Discount percentage to 30%.
  • The pricing priority is set to "3", because it has the 2nd highest priority. The highest in the system is 4 (net prices). 
  • And to finish the setup I changed the status to enabled. 
  • Then I added the discount to an new created price group "D-CATPrice", because I think that the discount only applies to the price group which is created only for discounts. 
  • Then I created an affiliation and added the price group "D-CATPrice" to the affiliation and automatically the discount, which I created in the previous steps was deployed to the Affiliation as well. 
  • so, now I have an affiliation with the new price group and the discount I created. 
  • To finish the setup I assigned the Affiliation to the customer account in the Retail Fast Tab\Related information\Affiliation. 
  • For my understanding the new price group and the discount which should apply on the new price group should work for the customer i chose. 
  • Then I create an sales order with the item that is in the trade agreement in the price group D-CATPrice and AX dosn't calculate the discount and does not chose the price from the Trade agreement in the new price group D-CATPrice, instead the price in the sale order comes from the 1. price group I created and deployed to the customer account "CAT-Price" even if the price group "D-CATPrice" (Priority 3) from the affiliation has a higher priority than the price group CAT-Price (Priority 2).

Now my question is, what did i do wrong? On which price group should the discount apply? The one in the affiliations or the one on the customer account?

I read many documentations from microsoft and couldn't get it right. And in the forum unfortunately there are no cases like mine. 

I would be so happy if someone could help me! 

If something is not clear please ask, english is not my native language and maybe some parts of my description are confusing or dont make sense. 

Thank you !!!!

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