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Journal Locked for Posting

Posted on by 196
Does any one know how to overcome this error. Its a project adjustment journal and we have had the users re-create and re-submit but after it has been approved.
There are no system or user locks and not sure why this error thorws up
  • Isaac1400 Profile Picture
    Isaac1400 196 on at
    Journal Locked for Posting
    Looks like it works in test environment but not in production environment. Not sure what has changed but hopefully devops can find the issue. Will keep you updated with the outcome when we find it.
  • Isaac1400 Profile Picture
    Isaac1400 196 on at
    Journal Locked for Posting
    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for that. I was just having a look at this before I saw your reply and ufortunatley its not showing up in there.
    I will have to keep digging around, or perhaps maybe wait a little.
  • Suggested answer
    Maria Nastevska Profile Picture
    Maria Nastevska 137 on at
    Journal Locked for Posting
    Hi Isaac,
    Have you tried the 'Optimisation advisor' workspace?
    Under New opportunities, you should be able to locate the journal to unlock it.
  • Isaac1400 Profile Picture
    Isaac1400 196 on at
    Journal Locked for Posting
    Hi Mohammed,
    They are not checked. Looked at multiple areas but cant determine whats causing this error
  • Suggested answer
    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi Profile Picture
    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi 7,209 User Group Leader on at
    Journal Locked for Posting
    Hi @Issac1400,
    This error message is occurred when the journal is Locked by system = true or is Posted = true.
    Please make sure that fields are not checked !
    Best regards,
    Mohamed Amine MAHMOUDI

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