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Exact process for configuring incoming email to go to a specific queue.

Posted on by 90
Hi All
I hope someone out there can advise me in the best practice on the following...
I want emails from a particular email address to go a particular queue.
Our Dynamics was initially set up so that email addressed to '' go to Queue 'ContactUsQueue'. I didn't set this up myself, so I'm not sure how this was done originally.
I would like to setup another one, so that email addressed to '' go to a different Queue [say Queue 'ReallyUrgentStuff'].
When I did this, I setup a new Queue called 'ReallyUrgentStuff'. I configured it so that the Incoming Email was set to ''. And I set the Mailbox to be the Mailbox for ''.
This caused a big mess - and all the records in Queue 'ContactUsQueue' got duplicated in Queue 'ReallyUrgentStuff', argh! I don't know what happened for this to cause such a problem.
So my question is:
How do I set Dynamics up to direct emails from a particular email address, to a particular queue?
For example, I want to set Dynamics up so emails addressed to '' go to Queue 'ReallyUrgentStuff'.
How exactly do I do this? [Without breaking any existing set up!]
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    MikeBMikeBMikeB Profile Picture
    MikeBMikeBMikeB 90 on at
    Exact process for configuring incoming email to go to a specific queue.
    Thanks for the response, c. I think the problem is that I updated the newly created queue's "Incoming email" address. 
    Instead, what I should have done was updated the newly created queue's mailbox to have the email address, and then enable the mailbox. When I do this, the queue's "Incoming email" address is automatically populated with the email address.

    If you want to set up an email (eg to go to a specific queue (eg "Test Queue"), these are the steps to follow:
    •    Go to “Dynamics -> Advanced Settings -> Service Management -> Queues”, and create a new Queue, called “Test Queue”
    o    Set “Type” to “Public”
    o    Set “Convert Incoming Email to Activities” to “All email messages”
    o    Do not enter an “Incoming Email” value [you do this at later at the Mailbox, not here]
    •    NB As a result of creating this Queue, a Dynamics Mailbox will be automatically created.
    •    Go into this Dynamics Mailbox “Dynamics -> Advanced Settings -> Email Configuration -> Mailbox” and scroll down to the newly created “Test Queue” mailbox. Open it.
    o    Specify an “Email Address” of “”
    o    Ensure “Incoming/Outgoing Email” are set to “Server-side Synchronization or Email Router”.
    •    At this point you need to have the appropriate privileges in Exchange/Dynamics [Dynamics SYSADMIN alone isn’t sufficient]
    o    Click on “Approve Email” and then
    o    Click on “Test & Enable Mailbox”
    o    Wait a bit and check the “Configuration Test Results” have passed.
    •    Go back to the Queue and verify the queue’s “Incoming Email” is populated [which will have happened when you updated the Mailbox].
    •    Send an email to “” and confirm that an email appears in queue “Test Queue”.
    What not to do:
    •    Don’t go into the Queue and populate the email address direct into the “Incoming Email” field and expect it to work.
    o    I’ve found this does strange things and is to be avoided.
    •    Instead, you must update the Mailbox [as described above] and “enable” it. This step will update the queue accordingly.
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    cmoreno8 Profile Picture
    cmoreno8 21 on at
    Exact process for configuring incoming email to go to a specific queue.
    I will try to help you, but your problem seems a mistery without resolution ...
    First of all, do you have two different mailboxes in you mail server or are they the same mailbox with two aliases?
    It could explain that you have sincronized the same mailbox two times and mails are duplicated.
    If you have two mailboxes the problem could be in the queue mailbox or the server profile.
    There you can connect to mail server with a unique account and maybe both mailboxes are connected with the same account.
    You should check the queue mailbox and the server profile in the queue mailbox if they are configured different or not.
    I hope it helps.

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