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Discounts - One product two discounts

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Hello All,
I've a complcated scenario and wanted to check if this can be achievable using standard Dynamics Retail and Commerce module.
Following are purely for example purposes.
  1. All staff in the company get 40% discount on all products (so whole of the Retail category)
    1. This is achieved via a discount and affiliations
  2. We then have markdown products at the end of the day, example bread is 50% for clearance today
  3. So, if the staff buys this bread which is on 50% , they do not get a total of 40% off but will get only 10% of staff discount.
I tried to configure two discounts -
1. Markdown discount - bread on 50% discount - compunded
2. Staff discount - affiliations - All retail category - 40% on all range
But in this case, when bread is scanned - it gives 50%
and when staff customer is added it gives 40% discount
But I'm not sure how to vary the staff discount based on if the bread is on 50% off or not?
if it's 50% give 10% staff discount and if it's original price give 40% staff discount.
Would really appreciate any insights.
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    P Jackson Profile Picture
    P Jackson 1,560 on at
    Discounts - One product two discounts
    Surely you just need the two discounts to be exclusive and assessed in Priority order so that it applies the best one [50%] for Staff. This 50% already includes the 40% they would normally get.
    e.g. Bread is $1.00. -40% = $0.60
    $1.00 -50% = $0.50.
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    Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,162 Super User on at
    Discounts - One product two discounts
    It is a complicated scenario. You can try the below, but  cant guarantee if it will work without testing.
    Create a third mark down discount for bread for 10% and attach it to the staff discount affiliation. Configure the override priority(located under Pricing priority in discounts form) in the new discount to have high priority over staff discount of 40 % and End of the day 50%. 

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