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SSRS: Unable to Select the Group to Toggle By

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In SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), you can toggle on a group name.  But, what if you cannot see the name of that group name to toggle by?
I get the following error, shown below in italics.  I'd love to get around this error.  But, the "toggle" does not have the name of the group.  So, I'm stuck.

Toggle items must be text boxes that share the same scope as the hidden item or are in a scope that contains the hidden item 



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    RE: SSRS: Unable to Select the Group to Toggle By

    To be honest, we here on the GP support side don't do much with custom SSRS reports nor modifying the default SSRS reports, as that is done in Report Builder and more what the SQL Reporting Services team handles, since the SSRS report from GP isn't anything different than any other SSRS report, it's just pulling information from a stored procedure or another SQL object.

    I don't know if anyone on the forums community has any experience with working with SSRS reports in Report Builder that can share their information specific to the toggling you're mentioning.

    I did look for information on it, but the only thing I really found was more SQL reporting services and not so much specific to GP.

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    RE: SSRS: Unable to Select the Group to Toggle By

    Hi There, Derek:

    This is GP's deployed SSRS HITB report that someone modified.

    It lives on the Report Manager site, but I have been trying to modify it further by using Report Builder.

    By "toggling", I mean creating a plus sign reflecting summary data for a group.  Upon clicking this, the end user will see detail for the summary data.



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    RE: SSRS: Unable to Select the Group to Toggle By

    Hello John,

    Are you getting this on a SSRS report deployed from Dynamics GP or a custom report?

    As well, is this on the Report Manager site for SSRS or in Report Builder or SQL Server Mgmt Studio?

    I'm not familiar with toggling SSRS reports by group name, so if you can give more information such as the steps you're taking, that will help us take a look.


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