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Clone/copy an email template

Posted on by User Group Leader


Is it possible to clone/copy email templates in Dynamics 365 for Marketing? We need to make small modifications to templates for different languages, but can't seem to find a place to easily copy a template. 

The only way i have found is to create an email send from the original template and there save as a new template, but that also creates an email send record that we don't need. 

Any ideas?

Best regards, Vivian

  • Camilla Larsson Profile Picture
    Camilla Larsson 235 on at
    RE: Clone/copy an email template

    Hi again Rean.

    You can read about add tags here

  • Camilla Larsson Profile Picture
    Camilla Larsson 235 on at
    RE: Clone/copy an email template


    Yes when you add a template from another system you need to add “tags” in your HTML so that you can use the template in dynamic marketing. You can read about how in Microsoft docs. You also need to open the text, image and buttons with this tags. It takes a lot of work If you are not familiar with HTML. But when you are done your template will work in dynamic marketing.

  • sunkat Profile Picture
    sunkat 65 on at
    RE: Clone/copy an email template

    Thank you! This works perfectly.

  • reanm Profile Picture
    reanm 220 on at
    RE: Clone/copy an email template

    Hi Vivian

    Have you found that when you do this (operation to clone an existing template) that the Toolbox pane on the right disappears?

    We are busy migrating MailChimp templates to Dynamics 365 Marketing. So we're copying and pasting the HTML (and updating links to images etc.).

    But the email template itself, as well as emails created from these custom email templates, do not present the Toolbox pane on the right.

    Any ideas?



  • Pascal T Profile Picture
    Pascal T 175 on at
    RE: Clone/copy an email template

    Hi, the only way i've founded to do this is to copy and paste the HTML code from a template to a blank template.. but it's not a super suitable solution

  • Verified answer
    nkhemji Profile Picture
    nkhemji on at
    RE: Clone/copy an email template

    Hi Vivian,

    - From sitemap/navigation area, go to templates and select marketing email templates.

    - you will get a view of all active templates

    - open the template you want to clone

    - goto HTML tab and copy the HTML

    - click on new record and goto HTML tab and paste the template.

    - Now you have successfully cloned a template without creating an email record

  • Verified answer
    megcda Profile Picture
    megcda 2,192 on at
    RE: Clone/copy an email template

    Hi Vivian,
    Other than what you have described, you could also create a template and then create reusable content blocks for all of the language changes. Then you could create new emails by simply replacing the blocks. As you can see from the attached, I created a template and then replaced the top information using the content blocks and then manually changed the subject line for language as well.



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