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Edited PO no approval emails are being sent

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We have an existing PO that was approved but has since been edited as work was added to the PO.  The PO is sent to the workflow process however, the approval emails are not being delivered.

This modified PO now has different users listed in the approval process.  The user who would of initially approved the PO when it was first created is now been delegated to approve in the final approver role...not sure if this is somehow causing this?  This user is receiving emails on any new POs that have been created after they were delegated to the final approver role.

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    Nicole Hellerud 1,710 on at
    RE: Edited PO no approval emails are being sent

    Hi Paula,

    Thank you for your post.

    I'd suggest looking into the WFI tables for this PO approval. It could be that there is possibly a stuck record?

    If this is a one off situation, you could look to remove the info in the WFI tables specific to this one PO's WF activity and then test the resubmit process. Before doing any SQL changes I'd strongly recomend you first do so in a Test Company.

    WFI10002 Workflow Instance Master

    WFI10003 Workflow Step Instance Table

    WFI10004 Workflow Tasks Table

    WF30100 Workflow History

    Are the tables I am referencing.

    If you do end up deleting this data, you'll want to update the PO records to show Not Submitted as well.

    POP10100 PO Header

    POP 10110 PO Line Items

    POP10500 PO Receipt Lines

    The Workflow_Status values:

    1- Not Submitted

    2- Submitted (Deprecated)

    3- No Action Needed

    4- Pending User Action

    5- Recalled

    6- Completed

    7- Rejected

    8- Workflow Ended (Deprecated)

    9- Not Activated

    10- Deactivated (Deprecated)

    I hope this help you out. Let us know how it goes.

    Best Regards,

    Nicole Fiskum
    Support Engineer
    Microsoft Dynamics GP

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