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Ribbon Workbench Woes

Posted on by 167

I have a smart button "Run Webhook".  It works great and it runs on the Home Main Tab (the first option).  If I select one or many records on the grid it loops through them and works on all records.  I used a webhook as it is calling a power automate flow.

My issue is, I want to limit the access to this button to a security role, or on the view name.  Either would work.

I have been going through everything I can find, I cannot seem to get anything to work.

I think it is because it has to run on the Home Main Tab(the first option).

Or maybe because it is a smart button. 


Does anyone have a sample or a link that works.

I am using Dynamics 365 online.

  • anavrin Profile Picture
    anavrin 40 on at
    RE: Ribbon Workbench Woes

    this code works for me

    CheckUserSecurityRoleAccess: function () {

           var retVal = false;

           var globalContext = Xrm.Utility.getGlobalContext();

           //get the rolesArray

           var userRoles = globalContext.userSettings.roles;

           //initialize return value

           var hasRole = false;

           //foeach item in array

           userRoles.forEach(function hasRoleName(item, index) {

               //Check passed in value for role[].name match

               if ( === "security role") {

                   //match found set return value to true

                   retVal = true;



           return retVal;


    hope it helps

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    Vipin J Profile Picture
    Vipin J 1,582 on at
    RE: Ribbon Workbench Woes


    can you not check the security role of a user within Jscript and deny user action. Please refer here

    Custom Button via Ribbon Workbench -

  • myintuition Profile Picture
    myintuition 167 on at
    RE: Ribbon Workbench Woes

    Thankyou so much.  I contacted support

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    Bipin D365 Profile Picture
    Bipin D365 28,960 Super User on at
    RE: Ribbon Workbench Woes


    It is one of the limitation of Smart buttons.

    I would urge you to lodge your request to below ribbon workbench support page to get the reply from creator of the RWT .

    Please mark my answer verified if this is helpful!


    Bipin Kumar

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