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Management Reporter Process service will not stay running

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I have management reporter CU16 installed with GP 2018 along with SQL Server 2019 in production Environment. .  Everything was running perfectly for few months till someone install an old application that require SQL 2008 on the same server. 

Since then the MR Process service keep swinging up and down. 

We did uninstall the old application that we thought it might behind that issue but no impact.

Even I uninstalled MR and reinstall it and still the process service start and shutdown by itself.

Also I did a repair for SQL Server 2019 as according to MS KB it could caused by Microsoft System CLR still failing.

I do have a test Environment which is mirroring the production and it has everything working fine on it.

Is there anyway I can compare the two servers to see what make it work fine in Test but not in Prod

Really appreciated.

  • twelvestrikes Profile Picture
    twelvestrikes 3,657 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Process service will not stay running

    Hi Alaa

    I had a client that had an issue with the MR process starting and stopping.

    What  traced it to was a password issue with the AD account that runs the MR Process Service.

    Once changed the account password and entered it in to run the service, it started and stayed running.

    Just a thought to give it a try.  Don't forget to update the password on the MR Application service if you do this and it uses the same account.

  • Alaa Ramadan Profile Picture
    Alaa Ramadan 4,082 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Process service will not stay running

    Yes, agree but I removed all CLR types from Control Panel, it did not work.

    only when I uninstalled the entire SQL sever 2012 everything is back to normal.

  • Greg Byer Profile Picture
    Greg Byer 2,586 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Process service will not stay running

    One thing that can cause this is if there are older versions of the CLR Types.  When you installed the old application, it may have also installed older CLR Types.  You can check Control Panel | Programs and Features and see if you have an older version installed.  If you do, you'll want to remove them.  

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