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AX2009 to AX2012 Preprocessing Error: Missing InventTrans

Posted on by 2,695

I am receiving an error that some InventTransPosting records do not have corresponding InventTrans table records.  Thankfully only a few.  The message says that the error should be fixed before the data migration can take place.  What strategy would I use to fix this?  I have looked into one of the issues and it appears that a record should be added to the InventTrans table.  I am pretty concerned about even attempting such a thing, but what other choice would there be?

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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    RE: AX2009 to AX2012 Preprocessing Error: Missing InventTrans

    I haven't researched each of the records yet, but the one I did appears to be a deleted inventTrans record.  There is a posting journal that supports a production picking list, but no invent trans.  I will check out inserting an inventTrans record.  I thought that running a consistency check to calculate the on hand would take care of the inventSum.  If that doesn't work, I will see what I need to do with the InventSum.  

    Thanks for the reply!

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    Brandon Wiese 17,786 on at
    RE: AX2009 to AX2012 Preprocessing Error: Missing InventTrans

    I guess the resolution to this depends upon the problem.  If you believe you need InventTrans records because they somehow got deleted, i.e. you have a packing slip and/or invoice for a stocked inventory item but somehow the InventTrans records are now gone, then repairing that may actually be useful.  If you decide to create InventTrans records, then you'll also have to update the InventSum records affected also.  

    On the other hand, if the InventTransPosting records seem extra and you want to delete them, that's a much easier problem to fix.  Obviously you don't want to delete InventTransPosting records that support packing slips or invoices.

    The real question here is do you have missing InventTrans records that should exist, or do you have extra InventTransPosting records that have no reason to exist?

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