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LCS- Sync Users from Partnersource

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We are having some issues with the user sync between LCS and PartnerSource.

New users created at the PartnerSource end are not created in LCS and users removed from PartnerSource are not removed from LCS.

I did think they may be just need separate administration except for in Organisation Users in LCS it says:

By default, membership in a Lifecycle Services organization is controlled by membership in an organization in CustomerSource or PartnerSource. All users that are members of the CustomerSource or PartnerSource organization are added to Lifecycle Services

So unless we have broken the default connection (which I can find no setup for) I'm at a little bit of a loss.

Thanks for any help you can give.

  • RE: LCS- Sync Users from Partnersource

    Hi André,

    Thanks for that.  The way it was worded I had thought that new users would be automatically created within LCS.  

    I got the user to login to LCS with their PartnerSource credentials and they were good to go.

    Thanks again.

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    RE: LCS- Sync Users from Partnersource

    Hi Graham,

    All persons having an customersource or partnersource account can access LCS. Note that per project you have to invite people. This can be someone from your own organization, but also external unless they have a customersource or partnersource account. When someone leaves the company you have to exclude this person manually. Theoretically he could move to another VAR, but still would be hired on a project.

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