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Record duplicating on Form on refresh

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Hi everyone, i am facing strange issue, I have created a customized form which has customized table as a data source, basically its a list page form. Whenever I press the refresh button on the form the record on the top of the list duplicates. The entry in table remains one but on form i can see it twice. This only happens whenever I attach a custom security role made for this form and table. Using system administrator role on the user i do not face any issue regarding this. But whenever i remove system admin role and attach my custom role this happens.

My requirement is that i just want to give access of this form to my user.

I have verified each step many times but all in vain till yet. I don't have any code in List Page class of this form, a simple query is made similar to the query used for many other list Page forms used for "Assigned to me" purpose.

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    nmaenpaa 101,148 on at
    RE: Record duplicating on Form on refresh

    It's not possible to understand what is wrong based on the information that you shared. So I'm expecting to see more details.

    One thing that comes into mind is that perhaps the form's query doesn't work properly if you have access only to your custom tables. You seem to be using workflow, and you might need some additional permissions.

    Or, perhaps you have something strange in your data source relations or something.

    It's really not easy to try to guess because we don't have any concrete information except your screenshot.

    Try to capture trace with Admin role and your custom role, and analyze it with trace parser to see if there's some difference in the form's query.

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    AbdulAleem810 10 on at
    RE: Record duplicating on Form on refresh

    What sort of more information do you require from my side ?

    The role I have build has the access to all the menu items and table that are custom build.

  • nmaenpaa Profile Picture
    nmaenpaa 101,148 on at
    RE: Record duplicating on Form on refresh

    I guess you need to start by analyzing the security role. If you need any inputs from our side, then we need to be able to analyze the details of your implementation. In order to do that, could you please share the details? Thanks!

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