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Test chaining with RSAT

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Hello folks,
While chaining some tests, I stumble on this problem : 
-when creating a project, I copy its ID to (ProjTable_ProjId_0001), the project ID (something like 123456ABC) cannot be inputted. It is automatically generated in Dynamics
-I paste it into the following parameters file for the sake of chaining
The problem is, I would like to execute this test multiples times meaning the project's ID has to change at every iteration. From my understanding, i will have to change the pasted value every single time, somewhat defeating the purpose of chaining (in my opining). I could just manually copy in my clipboard the projetc's ID and then pasting it as is instead of resorting to the task recorder copy feature.
How could I achieve that ? Am I missing something or does RSAT/the task recorder simply can't do that ?
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    Test chaining with RSAT
    Hi Hana,
    Indeed it seems that a new ID is not generated. For instance in the screenshot above, the order 86 will remain and won't dynamically change. I expected the task recorder to copy the value at every iteration. 
    I found that I could work around this issue by inputing another field linked to the ID to in the end find it. It is not very convenient but as far i searched the only dynamic allocation i have at hand.
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    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    Test chaining with RSAT
    Do you want to change the project ID automatically instead of manually changing it every time?
    If you want to achieve this requirement, I think you may need to do some customization, such as defining a parameter representing the project ID in the test script for dynamic allocation.
    I checked the official documentation, and it seems that the copy function of the task recorder only copies the elements or data in the recorded operation steps to other locations, and does not automatically generate a new project ID. Copy variables to chain test cases - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn
    Best Regards,

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