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Aversion to Batches

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A prospective user does not like that her current ERP environment forces her to post subledger data in batches.

Now, as far as I can tell, this concern is similar in nature to how to some outdated ERP applications force a posting of new batches within the General Ledger after having previously posted transactions in one of the subledgers.

Obviously, to post journal entries of any kind in Business Central, you have to post in batches.

And, Fixed Assets forces you to post a Fixed Assets G/L Journal after running depreciation.

But, other than the fact that the prospect would for the most part no longer have to post a batch in the General Ledger after having posted transactions in subledgers, is there another way of alleviating any concerns with posting in batches?



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    RE: Aversion to Batches

    So sales orders, purchase orders and deposits don't require batches. Batches actually help with data consistency through use of defaults, workflow approval and segregation of user data.

    For example, a payment journal gives batches so you can put checks in one batch and ACH payments in another. If not using deposits, then cash receipts journal batches allow different users to be doing data input separately with different users potentially approving.

    Because journals allow for both subledger and general ledger posting at the same time, the control that batches provides outweighs any concerns and will become something a prospective user appreciates.

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