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Tax exempt number on sales documents Spain

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Is there a way to make the sales tax documents to take the tax exempt number from a different place in D365 than "Organization administration > Organizations > Legal entities? I mean the tax exempt number of the issuer of the invoice. 


In Spain there is a conflict and is that it seems that sales invoices take the Tax reg number for the legal entity issuing the invoice from there. This needs to be on teh tax exempt number format for transactions accross Europe, example: ES123456789. 

The SII functionality (for VAT declarations) also takes the tax exempt number from there to generate the files that are then uploaded into the Spanish tax authorities web portals. Problem is that in this case it is required that the format is the one used within Spain, this being: 123456789. 

How can Spanish companies overcome the above issue? 


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    RE: Tax exempt number on sales documents Spain

    Hi CapsLock,

    As a best practice all NIF/CIF should be loaded into the system without any prefix (ES, FR, etc.) as normally the system is taking care on adding the ISO code into the reports where this is needed like for example SII.

    Now I understand you want to add the prefix into the sales invoice, something that is not mandatory, so I guess the easiest solution will be to modify the invoice layout to include the ISO code into the NIF/CIF.



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    Alireza Eshaghzadeh Profile Picture
    Alireza Eshaghzadeh 10,847 Super User on at
    RE: Tax exempt number on sales documents Spain


    Can you clarify about the fields on the sales report that you need to use ES123456789 or/and 123456789?

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