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Purchase Orders with fixed assets and imported Supplier Invoices

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Posted on by 46
Good afternoon,
I'm having an issue with Fixed Assets being unlinked from Purchase Orders when posting the Supplier Invoice. We import Supplier Invoices using a third party product called Kofax AP Essentials.
The process that we follow is:
  1. Create a purchase order with a line linked to a fixed asset.
  2. Receipt the purchase order.
  3. Import the Supplier Invoice from Kofax. Part of this process involves linking the Invoice line to the Purchase Order line.
  4. At this point, the Purchase Order line is linked to the fixed asset, but the Supplier Invoice line is not. Kofax imports the Invoice lines via the VendorInvoiceLine data entity, which does not contain any fields related to the Fixed Assets.
  5. Match the supplier invoice to the product reciept.
  6. Post the supplier invoice
As soon as we post the supplier invoice, it removes the fixed asset from the Purchase Order line (presumably because the fixed asset isn't linked to the Supplier Invoice?)
What is the problem in this process? Is it something that we're doing wrong? A parameter set incorrectly? Can anyone offer any advice?
Thanks in advance.