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I noticed that the system it is not able to retrieve attached quote anymore.


I reached this stage by creating the quote and the setting active the previous step. Previously, when this situation happened I was able to retrieve the quote attached to the project. Now it seems like it does not find it anymore, even though in the quote it is clear that is still referring to that project in the field "parent project". How could this be solved, and what could be the cause of that?

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    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: No record found

    Hi Minas94,

    Perhaps you can transfer your normal environment's BPF customizations to the problematic environment: 

  • Minas94 Profile Picture
    Minas94 5 on at
    RE: No record found

    I have checked the relationship between project and quote, and they are not different from my dev environment (where it does not work) and my PROD environment where it is still work. It is a 1:N relationship from project to quote on parentprojectID. So I cannot figure it out where the problem comes from

  • Minas94 Profile Picture
    Minas94 5 on at
    RE: No record found

    Hello Leah,

    thanks for your answer, the test that you are proposing it is exactly the situation that I described in my original question, I am sorry if it was not clear. I created a quote from the first step of the BPF (everything works as expected and you can go on until the end without issues) the field gets populated and everything is fine.

    The problem arises when I set active the first stage again, then it is unable to retrieve the quote just created.

    I am not sure this particular case has something to do with the relationship, in my other environment (production and test) it works like it is supposed to, and the only difference in DEV (where it does not work) is some javascript



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    Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: No record found

    Hi Minas94,

    The reason for the "No record found" message should be the relationship between the two entities.

    Check the relationship between the project entity and the quoted entity, Are there multiple relationships?

    Make sure that the relationship you use for the 'Parent project' lookup field is the same as the one used in BPF.

    Perhaps you could do a test:

    Create a new quote record directly from BPF and move to next stage, then check if the 'Parent project' lookup field is populated on new created quote entity.

    If it does get populated, go back to the original stage of BPF and check if the records created by this line are listed.

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