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Need to change the ISO code from one currency to another

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I have a customer that is in the middle of upgrading from GP 2010 to GP 18.2. They have a currency (USD) setup that isn't assigned to any companies, and none of the companies have access in Multicurrency access window. It has ISO code USD assigned to it. Z-US$ is the functional currency assigned for most of the companies. However, it doesn't have an ISO code assigned to it. For the test upgrade, I assigned ZUS as the ISO code for the Z-US$ currency, because I didn't want to have a duplicate ISO code as they are going to add web services for workflow. They went from having MR legacy companies (without the -curr) to the latest version of MR 2012 with legacy companies (-curr), and the data mart. 

The customer has decided that they would like USD as the ISO code for Z-US. I could switch them in the Currency Setup window, but I am not sure if the test transactions will have the ISO code ZUS associated with them, and if it will impact MR. Because of this, I need to know if I can just switch the codes, and not have to do anything else in GP (such as a checklinks), or if there are steps to correctly switch the ISO code when there have been transactions associated with the currency that has the existing ISO code set.



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    RE: Need to change the ISO code from one currency to another

    Hello Kayla,

    GP does not store the ISO code on transactions themselves, just the currency index\ currency ID. For MR and web services, you will want to ensure that the ISO codes are unique as you are aware. As long as you ensure that the ISO codes are unique for MR and webservices just changing the ISO code in currency setup should be enough.

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