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Comparison "D365 FO Project Management & Accounting" vs. "D365 Project Operations"

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Hello !

Thanks for helping us in advance  !

We have customers who wants to implement D365, production facilities and project management focus.

What we are always asked by the customers is COMPARISON of FEATURES & POSSIBILITIES of

D365 Project Operations     vs.    D365 FO Project management & Account (FO)

We need a presentation of comparison of both solutions


-features compared

-how should a customer decide for which solution

-how to choose the best solution for the customer !?


Does anybody do have a really good presentation of a comparison ? Who would like to help us ?

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    Juan Simon Profile Picture
    Juan Simon 996 on at
    RE: Comparison "D365 FO Project Management & Accounting" vs. "D365 Project Operations"

    Hi Andreas,

    The isn't such a comparison out there as far as I know.

    What could help is to ask the nature of your client's business, since the PMA option is very specific for larger organizations that work in a factory-like style, and that could be your case. By going PMA only you will lose some of the easiness that project for the web gives you for a full-blown ERP, but that might be exactly what you need and want. Best is take both for a spin or demo specific functionalites to compare or ask what feutures are most important for them (pain points that they want to address with the new solution).

    'Most' professional service companies would not be a good fit for the ERP-only option in the link below. In most situations, customers already have an ERP in place and they need a project engine to help capture costs and manage resources for those projects and that's where Lite/Non-stocked would fit best. I might blog about this later in more detail, but now this is what I can share with you today:

    Hack #1: Where to start with Dynamics 365 Project Operations? | Welcome to D365Hacks 

    I hope this helps. Please, mark this as answered.


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