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Qualifying Lead Error

Posted on by 14
Hi all,
I haven't seen this error answered yet. I need some assistance. 
I have created a new business unit (A) and created a sales lead to opportunity process for this business unit. It works in my sandbox environment. But when I moved it in a solution from the Sandbox environment to the prod QA environment the lead won't qualify. 
It displays the following error:
And when i download the log file this is what it says:
{/ActivityId/:/cc9587b2-b8a2-4bbe-82f5-d78fcf05eb9f/,/errorCode/:2147746457,/message/:/The selected user or team does not hold the required read privilege or access to be assigned records of this type. For more information, contact your system administrator./,/stacktrace/://,/Timestamp/:1712822938558}
Please keep in mind that i have check the security roles and they are all the same. I am using a test user to test the process and in both environments, the test user is in the same Business Unit and the same teams. 
The roles I've given are Sales Team Member, Basic User A and the sales role
I used dev tools and saw this further explanation of the error:
1: Read Privilege Check For Owner failed with exception: Principal user (Id=xxxx, type=8, roleCount=x, privilegeCount=0, accessMode='0 Read-Write', AADObjectId=xxx', MetadataCachePrivilegesCount=xxx, businessUnitId=xxxx), is missing prvReadUserEntityUISettings privilege (Id=xxxx) on OTC=xxx for entity 'userentityuisettings' (LocalizedName='User Entity UI Settings'). context.Caller=xxxx. Consider adding missed privilege to one of the principal (user/team) roles.
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    Community member 14 on at
    Qualifying Lead Error
    The contact entity did not have the assign privilege. That was the difference.
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    Community member 14 on at
    Qualifying Lead Error
    I'm not sure what you mean, but it's not a relationship, the relationships are the same as the one in the dev environment. 
    Is there a way i can view the business process that is linked to the "Qualify" button?
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    JeroenS Profile Picture
    JeroenS 40 on at
    Qualifying Lead Error
    If the StatusCode is being mapped to either Contact or Opportunity, did you check if the options have the same values and ID's?

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