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sales, loss, inventory, adjustment,

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Hello All, 

I have a scenario that I want to implement for a client on Ax 2012 R3,

The case is to trace the differences between the urea weighings (leaving the factory) and the weighing loaded on the ship (Ship Loader).

 For example,

I have a sales order with quatity of an item X = 1000 pound.

so i prepare my order from warehouse with 1000 pound of item X, and confirm the issue with a delivery note (x = 1000 pd).

To load on the ship, there is a second weighings that i found 800 pound for the item X (weight loss in the road between the warehouse and the ship)

 how can i mention this loss on AX 2012?

How to adjust the BL, Order, Stock Impact, Loss?

Please if anyone have an idea or if there is a functionality in Ax to implement this scenario,

it's urgent case


Thanks in advance,


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    André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,986 Super User on at
    RE: sales, loss, inventory, adjustment,

    Hi Hedi,

    What exact quantity will be invoiced to the customer? The first or the second weight? I do assume the second.

    You can try to use a transfer order to move the goods from the factory to the ship. Here you can use under and over delivery. See:

    Then you can post the packing slip with the quantity received at the loading place of the ship.

  • hedi1012 Profile Picture
    hedi1012 150 on at
    RE: sales, loss, inventory, adjustment,

    Hi Ludwig,

    thanks for you response,

    The catch weight is about the physicall inventory i thnink.

    but how can i say that there is difference between the first and second weighings ?

    in the delivery note i will have the first weighings,

    what i want to do, is that in the secondary wighings, i have different weight  to mention it in the system ?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for your help :)

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: sales, loss, inventory, adjustment,

    Hello hedi1012,

    Might the catch weight function help in your case?

    Please see:

    Best regards,


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