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Master scheduling Batch job issues

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi All, Our client is using Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU13 version, over the past 3 weeks, critical batch jobs, master scheduling for different legal entities is in abnormal behaviour. its usual run time is 15 to 20 min and which has recurrence of one day. Sometimes it is taking very long time approx 2 hours and sometimes takes 3 to 4 minutes to end. unable to find the root cause for this behaviour. Could anyone please suggest how to find the root cause for this behaviour, If you faced this issue


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    Junaid Idrees Profile Picture
    Junaid Idrees 12,740 on at
    RE: Master scheduling Batch job issues

    Hi  Vihar Gampa,

    There were known issues in AX 2012 related to MRP.

    There are many blogs on MRP performance issues, please go through them and verify with you configuration.


    I will also suggest you to run consistency check on MRP from system administration module (System administration> Periodic tasks> Database> Consistency check)

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    RE: Master scheduling Batch job issues

    Hi Vihar,

    As mentioned before, there could be more reasons for this.

    I would check if there are other batch processes running in parallel.

    Also check the Plan history to see if the duration for the MRP is linked with the number of orders.

    You could use the Track process task duration to try to identify where MRP spends most time.

    Best regards,

    Adrian Serban

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    Ramit Paul Profile Picture
    Ramit Paul 18,463 Super User on at
    RE: Master scheduling Batch job issues


    There could be many reasons.

    One very common reason is heavy data in some batches.

    Please check if any batch is processing for many data (example -customer aging) and that is slowing your env slow for other batches

    Another possibility you can have indexation in batch job.

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