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Setting Recipient and Regarding Field When Replying to an E-mail in Dynamics 365 CRM

Posted on by 24

I am working with Dynamics 365 CRM and need some assistance with handling e-mails in the interactive experience form. Specifically, I am trying to reply to an e-mail directly from the timeline.

Here’s what I have achieved so far:

I can modify the sender’s address to a default e-mail using JavaScript. Our own system sends the initial e-mail, so the sender is our own domain. When replying, the e-mail address defaults to this. I have a workflow that parses the e-mail and creates the contact and case according to customer values.

However, I am encountering two issues:

Recipient Address: I want to automatically set the recipient to the Case’s customer e-mail address when replying. Currently, I have to set this manually. Regarding Field: The ‘Regarding’ field is empty when replying, and I need it to be automatically set to the related case.

I'm not sure how to proceed as I'm not experienced.

Here's my default e-mail JS:

function setSender(executionContext, entityType, name, ID){
    var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext()
    // Set the "From" field
    var lookup = new Array();
    lookup[0] = new Object();
    lookup[0].id = ID; 
    lookup[0].name = name; 
    lookup[0].entityType = entityType;
    console.log("Default e-mail is set");
  • Suggested answer
    BK-17051419-0 Profile Picture
    BK-17051419-0 24 on at
    Setting Recipient and Regarding Field When Replying to an E-mail in Dynamics 365 CRM
    I was able to solve it with this script
    function onReplyButtonClick(executionContext) {
        var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
        var regardingObject = formContext.getAttribute("regardingobjectid").getValue();
        if (regardingObject && regardingObject[0].entityType === "incident") {
            var caseID = regardingObject[0].id;
            Xrm.WebApi.retrieveRecord("incident", caseID, "?$select=_customerid_value,incidentid").then(
                function(result) {
                    var customerID = result._customerid_value;
                    var customerEntityType = result['_customerid_value@Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.lookuplogicalname'];                ;
                    var customerName = result['_customerid_value@OData.Community.Display.V1.FormattedValue'];
                    var toLookup = [];
                    toLookup[0] = {
                        id: customerID,
                        name: customerName,
                        entityType: customerEntityType
                    console.log("Recipient is set to case's customer email");
                    var regardingLookup = [];
                    regardingLookup[0] = {
                        id: caseID,
                        name: result._regardingobjectid_value_formatted,
                        entityType: "incident"
                    console.log("Regarding field is set to related case");
                function(error) {
        } else {
            console.log("The regarding field is not set to a case entity.");
  • Cui Hao Profile Picture
    Cui Hao on at
    Setting Recipient and Regarding Field When Replying to an E-mail in Dynamics 365 CRM

    I created a Case, set Customer as a user, and then sent him an email in the timeline, and found that the /Regarding/ field, as well as the email address, were already populated.

    Then after the user replied to the email, I replied to that user's email directly in the timeline again and found that the To and /Regarding/ fields were also already populated.
    So following the correct process, the /Regarding/ fields and the recipients are auto-populated.

    I'm not sure which steps you're having trouble with, if it's easier, could you provide a full screenshot for me to see?

    Best regards,
    Cui Hao

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