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G/L account change without trace in G/L ledger

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I got a really weird problem. 
My stock account, 1411 was for example 10 000 000 per the 31th of December 2023. We did the closing process, and all bookings was made. I took out a balance sheet a week ago, and still 10 000 000 for account 1411. Then, today,
I have 10 043 000 without any traceability in the G/L bookings or what so ever. I have /proof/ i.e old printed documents / or saved documents so its no questions about it.
How can my G/L accounts change, withour any trace? Nothing in the G/L. The bookings sums up to 10 043 000 instead of 10 000 000.
Totally impossible to know what has changed? Or? No man has made a manual booking or something else. Its just has changed..? Possible to somehow know whats has changed?
Really weird, seems like a ghost? :D 
Kind regards,
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    G/L account change without trace in G/L ledger
    Thanks for all the answers. All OK. 

    I took out a SIE-file, and could after a while see some added transactions. The "G/L Register" for each transaction showed me when it was added. And some transactions in January 2023, was added in February 2024.. We need to close the periods more crefully.
    Have a nice weekend,
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    Jun Wang 3,539 Super User on at
    G/L account change without trace in G/L ledger
    closed period could be reopened and posted to. here is how you trace
    1 go to general ledger entries
    2 add a filter using gl account no
    3 check the entry no. or the posting date for the additional transactions
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    BillurSamdancioglu 13,084 Super User on at
    G/L account change without trace in G/L ledger
    Please inquire from Audit trail if there is any postings. Audit trail has the created date. 
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    Ramit Paul 18,188 Super User on at
    G/L account change without trace in G/L ledger
    You can check by posting date or created date entries by that gl account, you will get to know when and who has posted after your Last report date.

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