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Recording HoloLens 2 screen

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Do you know how to record and view how the HoloLens 2 User is operating the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides?
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    Recording HoloLens 2 screen
    Good question, thanks!
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    Recording HoloLens 2 screen
    Here are the main ways to record the HoloLens 2 screen:

    Hardware Buttons

    The quickest way is to press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously until a three-second countdown begins. To stop recording, tap both buttons simultaneously. Note that quickly pressing the buttons takes a photo instead of recording a video.

    Voice Commands

    On HoloLens 2 version 2004 and later, say "Start recording" to begin and "Stop recording" to end. On earlier versions, say "Hey Cortana, start recording" and "Hey Cortana, stop recording".

    Start Menu

    Use the Start gesture to go to the Start menu, then select the Video icon. Point your head at what you want to capture and air tap to start. There will be a 3 second countdown before recording begins. To stop, use the Start gesture again and select the highlighted Video icon.

    Windows Device Portal

    Connect the HoloLens 2 to the Windows Device Portal via a web browser. In the Mixed Reality Capture section, you can turn off Holograms and just record the camera feed. You can start and stop recording from there.

    Streaming to PC

    Stream the HoloLens 2 to a Windows 10 PC using the Microsoft HoloLens app. Then use a screen capture program like OBS, XSplit or Camtasia to record the live stream on your computer
    .The recorded videos will be saved as 1920x1080 30fps MPEG-4 files with stereo audio. To download, use the Photos and Videos section in the HoloLens app or the Windows Device Portal.

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    Recording HoloLens 2 screen
    To record the HoloLens 2 user view to a file, have the user say, "Start Recording" or hit the video camera button at the bottom of the holographic Start Menu. 
    You can also use Project to this PC Feature of Wireless Display in Windows.  Some Windows computer you need to add this feature under "Windows Features" for the Project to this PC to become available. Once PC is ready for projecting from HoloLens 2, open the holographic Start Menu and then click the bottom right streaming icon > Find your computer > Start streaming 

    A third option is to call the user in Guides using Microsoft Teams, and then you will see the view from the HoloLens 2 through Microsoft Teams call. You can then use Microsoft Stream to record the call. 
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    Recording HoloLens 2 screen
    Hi Partner,
    Maybe you could refer to the following documentation:

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