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Clearing timeline (Notes, Posts and Actvities)

Posted on by 96

Hi forum,

I am reassigning unqualified open leads to different owners but would like to remove the legacy work from the lead timeline section.

Is there a way to do this on bulk (have about 2000 leads to assign)?


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    MarcusCrooke Profile Picture
    MarcusCrooke 96 on at
    RE: Clearing timeline (Notes, Posts and Actvities)

    Thanks so much

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    Manoj Mane Profile Picture
    Manoj Mane 1,012 on at
    RE: Clearing timeline (Notes, Posts and Actvities)

    Hi MarcusCrooke,

    first you have to create an personal view of the activities which are associated with the respective lead records.

    You can create an personal view from the Advance Find as per below:- 

    open the Advance find--> Select entity as Activities.


    Select the record type as lead--> Select the view for the lead (you can create your custom view and simply add all the lead of that view)


    Save the view.


    After creating view --> connect XRM tool box with your environment search for the Bulk Delete Tool --> And you can run the Bulk deletion job.

    For the testing purpose  for the first time you can run the bulk deletion job on a 5-10 records.


    Similar approach you can follow for the notes and post entities.


    Please mark this as VERIFIED if it helps.

  • empath-e CRM Profile Picture
    empath-e CRM 1,134 on at
    RE: Clearing timeline (Notes, Posts and Actvities)

    Hmm actually it looks like you will have to link to every Activity Type table to do this (Task, Email, Phone Call etc.)

  • empath-e CRM Profile Picture
    empath-e CRM 1,134 on at
    RE: Clearing timeline (Notes, Posts and Actvities)

    If you are familiar with the Xrm ToolBox you could use the Bulk Delete Tool. I would first create my Fetch XML query using the Fetch XML Builder tool linking the Lead table to the ActivityPointer table based on the existing Lead Owner as your condition (Unless you have another way to retrieve the 2,000 Leads) Then you can copy that XML into the Bulk Delete Tool to delete.

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