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How to assign a Mark Up % for generating Sale (Sale invoice & Sale posting with mark up) to another Intercompany Affiliate using D365 system?
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    Giorgio_Bonacorsi Profile Picture
    Giorgio_Bonacorsi 229 on at
    Finance Module in D365
    Here is the article about the automatic charge calculation:
    You can fix some specific auto-charge rules for intercompany transactions to apply an extra percentage for a specific group of items.
    The transfer price is a sensitive topic, so I will write some articles about it.
    Feel free to contact me (also on LinkedIn) to follow the evolution of the situation and share the materials if you appreciate this work.
    Thank you, 
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    Community member 15 on at
    Finance Module in D365
    Thanks Giorgio.
    Yes, we look for an application which allow user to apply different mark up% (mark up rate) apply to goods sold to different intercompany entity for a certain period of time (say monthly or quarterly). The application of mark up % per period per entity should be easily modified by an intercompany accountant in D365 system. The applied rate should be reflected in the intercompany sales value posted (JE) for the shipment and captured on the intercompany invoices (sales value with mark up shown on invoice) generated to intercompany entity.
    Appreciate sharing of the article. 
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    Indrashis 60 on at
    Finance Module in D365
    Hi Giorgio,
    Can you please share the article? It will be of immense help.
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    Giorgio_Bonacorsi Profile Picture
    Giorgio_Bonacorsi 229 on at
    Finance Module in D365

    We can use the different alternatives ways:
    - Trade agreements: You can define a trade agreement for the intercompany customer/vendor. However, in this way, we need to insert items by item the price to apply;
    - Automatic charge: You can use the automatic charge to apply a fixed markup (invert in the posting profile debit with credit to have a markup added). If you are interested, I can write an article for you.

    Is it a fixed markup, or does it depend on the product attribute?

    Thank you,

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