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AL scripting Purchase line thows error : Internal_InvalidTableRelation

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I want to create Purchase Credit Memo.

First I crate Purchase Header for that and that is getting created successfully and I get a document no.

using same document no. I try to create a Purchase Line. and that gives me error :
error: {
  code  :  Internal_InvalidTableRelation,
  message:  The field Document No. of table Purchase Line contains a value (38212) that cannot be found in the related table (Purchase Header)

Purchase Header:

Purchase Line :

Can someone please check above and help me understand why this error is coming ? as I have Record in Purchase Header but still error says Header Record not found.

Let me know if more details required.

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    Saurav.Dhyani Profile Picture
    Saurav.Dhyani 11,244 User Group Leader on at
    AL scripting Purchase line thows error : Internal_InvalidTableRelation
    Use deep insert with $expand parameters.
    How to use $expand parameters with API -
    Saurav Dhyani
  • gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 3,620 Super User on at
    AL scripting Purchase line thows error : Internal_InvalidTableRelation
    I am giving you a link where the exercise is done but with a sales document, I hope it can give you some light on what can happen to you

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