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Undo Warehosue Receipt

Posted on by 180

We were supposed to receive 30 items, but actually received 25. However, the warehouse received all 30, posted the Receipt and then did a Putaway to take goods out of RECEIVING bin and put them into our Bulk Store Bins. When I try to do the UNDO RECEIPT, i get an error saying there is insuffiecient content in Bin. would this be because it is looking for stock in the original RECEIVING Bin. what would happen if I transfered the 5 cases back to RECEIVING - would it UNDO RECEIPT then?

  • TWBlaisdell Profile Picture
    TWBlaisdell on at
    Re: Undo Warehosue Receipt

    Hello Rob,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, but this response was missed because the original issue was from back in February.  I will try to give you an update here now. I hope it helps.

    The Undo Receipt keeps the document open with original quantity.  However, because you have processed a separate Purchase Return Order, there is no simple way to get the Purchase Order back to the original state.  The Purchase Order being posted as received and then a separate Purchase Return Order being posted as shipped back to the Vendor are two separate documents at that point. And, with the Get Posted Document Lines, the system has now applied the original Inbound Receipt and Outbound Return, so the Item Ledger Entries are now closed. Once a fixed application is completed, it cannot be undone through the Item Application Worksheet tool, either.

    My only clear recommendation to get a PO back would be to fully receive it and invoice it, then fully reverse it through the Purchase Return Order. Then, you would create a replacement Purchase Order.  

    Sorry I don't have a better option. Maybe someone else has some thoughts here, but I cannot think of any based some of the processing already completed.

    Best Regards


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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    Re: Undo Warehosue Receipt

    Hi Tom,

    I have had a similar issue, but with the RTC version on NAV 2009 R2.

    I have used the Purchase Return Order form (6640) to then bring in the original 'posted purchase receipt' by using the function 'get posted document lines to reverse'.

    This has allowed less than the full Qty to be reversed. (in some case only allowing the un-invoiced Qty to be reversed).

    Hiowever this does not alter the PO and leave botht he original receipt and the return shipment in the GRNI account (goods received not Invoiced).

    My permissions are very restricted on the system so we do not have the option of using the Classic (standard) version of NAV only RTC.


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    TWBlaisdell on at
    Re: Undo Warehosue Receipt

    Hello Kathy,

    First of all, I will make some assumptions. I am providing steps for NAV 2009 SP1/R2, but the steps may be slightly different in another version.  Also, I am making the assumption that the Location is setup with Directed Put-away and Pick enabled.

    Of course, the challenge here is that the Putaway was fully processed and moved the inventory quantity out of RECEIVING into the BULK area, which you have identified. An additional note on the front end of the response is that the Undo Receipt only allows for the completion of a full quantity reversal for the Undo from the Posted Purchase Receipt (i.e. a user  cannot choose partial quantity for an Undo transaction)

    Therefore, the following steps are necessary:

    1) Delete the Registered Putaway under Warehouse > History > Registered Documents > Registered Put-aways (this must be done because we must remove the historical put-away because of the error)

    2) Post a Warehouse Item Journal for the 30 quantity back to the RECEIVING Zone and Bin.

    3) Post a Warehosue Item Journal for -30 quantity out of the BULK bin to remove the wrong quantity posting.

    4) Go to the Posted Purchase Receipt and complete the Function > Undo Receipt.

    The process will update the Purchase Order, the Posted Purchase Receipt, and Posted Receipt (Whse. Document) with the reversal of the 30 Quantity.

    You should then be able to reprocess a Wareouse Receipt, correctly post the 25 Received, and Register the Put-away for the correct quantity.

    I hope this helps provide you with the necessary guidance to move forward.

    Best Regards,


    Thomas Blaisdell | Microsoft Dyanmics NAV Support Contributor

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