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Tenant to Tenant Migration of Customer Insights - Journeys (aka Marketing)

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We are reaching out to this community to see if anyone has experience in migrating (technically a cutover) Customer Insights- Journeys from one Tenant to another.
We are migrating our CRM and Customer Insights - Journeys from one tenant to another as a result of our business being aquired.  The destination tenant does not currently utilise D365.  We are finding the migration of Customer Insights Journeys to be problematic as much of the 'info' that is held in CIJ is not in Dataverse, and therefore is migrated using a separate process.  Customer documentation does spell out some things that are not migrated and need to be manually re-created, and some of the manual steps that need to be taken to get up and running again, but it appears that not all the steps are documented, and perhaps it is more based on the Outbound Marketing product that Real Time Journeys.  Because the documentation is light we are facing the challenge of doing this by trial and error which is not ideal.
If anyone has any experience with a recent (post Sept 23 changes) migration of CIJ, I would really appreciate any advice, learnings, steps or insights that you can share.
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    Tenant to Tenant Migration of Customer Insights - Journeys (aka Marketing)
    Hi  UmbJo
    You need open one ticket for Microsoft support team based on the following documentation:

    I hope you can mark my answer verified if it is helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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